Intro to Gold Money Frog (NetEnt)

Super Lucky Frog, an adorable little pgslot slot machine developed by NetEnt in 2007, was one of their earliest games to include a progressive prize. Flash was a major contributor to its eventual demise. You can still find it here and there online, NetEnt themselves have a trial version at their website for a journey down memory lane. It’s not terrible, but it was made 12 years ago, and a lot has happened in that time. And yet, certain things also remain the same. The Gold Money Frog slot machine is NetEnt’s most recent retro game to get a makeover for the Asian market. With three progressive jackpots and a slew of bonus options, what could possibly go wrong? Buckle up.

It has an Asian motif, but it doesn’t go crazy with the Asian aesthetic, which is nice. In a throwback to the source material, we see some aquatic shenanigans taking place in a pond. The pagoda-like building housing the slot machine’s five reels and three rows is situated against a backdrop of water replete with lotus flowers and leaves. It serves its purpose, and players can easily tell which slot group they fall into. Symbols are a great way to stress this point. Eight standard icons make up the game: low-value playing cards (Jacks to Aces) and high-value pictures. These include the kite, the bridge, the owl, and the gold frog, which will return 20 times your initial investment for a full house of five of them. Three or more of the same symbol anywhere on the twenty-five paylines constitute a winning combination. The one exception is the frog which just needs 2.

Before signing any contracts or playing any slot machines, it is always a good idea to verify the rules and read the fine print. Of course, there are situations when you can just jump right in without doing that. The story of Gold Money Frog serves as a cautionary tale on why this is not a good plan. Take, for instance, the RTP range of 92.31%–92.96%. It’s true that this is a progressive jackpot, but we’re not talking about astronomical quantities of money here (more on that below). Betting is managed by modifying the quantity of coins and their value. Overall stakes range from 25 p/c up to $/€50 every spin. The slot has a near one-to-two hit frequency, and volatility is moderate. The base game is rather low-stakes and stable, so it goes without saying that the three jackpots are the real draws.

Features of Gold Money Frog by NetEnt

Let’s check out a couple of the opening acts before we get to the big money scenes. The first is a wild symbol, which can be used in place of any regular payout icon. When 2 or more appear on a payline, you win as well. The Free Spins feature is particularly noteworthy, awarding 10, 20, or 30 extra spins when 3, 4, or 5 lantern scatters appear. The scatter symbol acts like a wild in that it awards a payout for a combination of any size. Unlike the base game symbols, a scatter win is applied to the total bet which can be as high as 400 times the stake for five of a kind. All prizes won while playing the free spins bonus are tripled.

To score one of the jackpots you will need to land 3 or more of the Bonus Symbols. The screen then shifts to a Bonus Wheel, which has 12 sections: four award coins (up to a maximum of 100), four award the Minor Jackpot, three award the Major Jackpot, and the remaining segment awards the Super Jackpot. You get whatever it lands on after it rotates. According to the game sheet, the predicted value is €35,700 for the Super Jackpot, €1,860 for the Major Jackpot, and €255 for the Minor Jackpot. Of course, it’s possible that it’ll be a lot higher or a lot lower than that. The jackpots reset to their original values of €50, €500, and €5,000 for the Minor, Major, and Super, respectively, when they are won, plus a portion of the contributions that had been set aside from prior wagers.

Final Thoughts on Gold Money Frog by NetEnt

There is a time and a place for everything, and most positions fall into that category. One that defies this trend is Gold Money Frog. When would be a good time to play Gold Money Frog? Can’t say for sure. There doesn’t seem to be much of a point in playing it. Once you learn about its terrible RTP, red flags should start flying because the game never gets better. Okay, the rate may be affected by the progressive jackpots tied to it. Still, the prizes aren’t exactly astronomical amounts of money, considering the statistics on offer. No one would grumble if they won the Super Jackpot, but that’s not Mega Moolah money.

Even the base game is a let-down. It features generic graphics and gameplay and uses generic symbols. The most that can happen during the main game is a return of about 2,000 times the stake, and even that is extremely remote. This amount is only expected once per 5.7 billion rotations, which is hardly motivating. You’d be excused for giving the reskin a go if you were a huge fan of the original Super Lucky Frog and were experiencing nostalgic feelings. Besides that, it’s tough to come up with a justification for playing Gold Money Frog. Maybe they were dazzled by the big wins. Don’t give in to the temptation; it’s like sending a drunken text to an ex late at night; you’ll regret it in the morning.






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